The Time Travelers

Familiar Surroundings

"Not again..."

After the groups encounter with Kriss, The Abominable Tradesman, the appointed Duke of Zazespurr called for a secret meeting in a local inn to discuss the reason behind the groups being in his city. Before anything of importance could be mentioned, there was a great disturbance felt throughout the entirety of Tethyr. A giant quake halted Warren as he was about to say something, and when everybody looked out the window, what they saw shocked them. A towering mushroom cloud that blocked the light from the sun was way far east, toward the city of Darromar. Warren promptly went to the bathroom. Quinn, disturbed by what was being seen, quickly sent a message to Mandartis asking for further directions about the situation. However, instead of getting a reply from Mandartis, it was Cruelty who answered. He instructed the group to take the course they felt necessary, and if they decided to investigate the origin of the cloud, to be very cautious. The group quickly set out to see what could be found. Upon arriving at Darromar, the same feelings the group experienced at the ruined city of Veil resurfaced. Hateful, envious, and malicious words were exchanged by everybody. Quinn used some of his magical insight and discovered that they were passing through a magical barrier that was causing these feelings in everybody. This led the characters to believe that the mushroom cloud was caused by the Arcanum Order. Once through the barrier, the group finally noticed that the city was in ruins. Fires, scorch marks, and writhing bodies, peppered the road before them. The group, although amazed that were any survivors whatsoever, couldn’t help but wonder why there were no zombies. There was a dense population of zombies in Veil, why were there none here? As Bartane inspected one of the writhing bodies, he noticed that at his touch, the man writhing in pain experienced even more. Bartane put the suffering man out of his misery. Further the group venture into the desolate city and found the market. Wheel Market. It seemed as if a sphere of magic had protected the market area and the twenty-three civilians within. The group found that as long as the civilians stayed within this “sphere of safety”, they would not be harmed by the evil magic. After discussing a few choices for their next move, it was decided that they should dig and try to maneuver under the work of the Arcanum Order. They dug for about 30 minutes until the ground underneath them began to feel unstable. Quickly, they evacuated the dig site just in time so that they were not in the sinkhole. Warren determined that the cavern was much to deep to try and descend into, so instead they made their way to the castle.



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