The Time Travelers

Imminent Death

An Unexpected Beginning

As the prisoners approached their destination, a small, rundown town, they soon realized that they were not on their way to a slave trade facility or a prison. Once they noticed the blood stained sand surrounding a stone block, they knew they were to meet their deaths at the once they stepped out of their carriages and onto that red sand. They finally made it to the town and the carriages gave one last “jerk” as they came to a halt. The that held their feet were removed and they were instructed to remain sitting. Tihey was the first one off their carriage. He gave the guards a rough time, but eventually made it to the block. Aran, tears running down his face, heard his brothers name called out and his heart dropped.
“Don’t worry, brother.” Roth said to Aran, “It can’t be that bad.”
Roth stood and made his way off the carriage and to the chopping block. As he was read crimes he yelled to his brother, “We can finally see mother again!” Aran didn’t avert his eyes even once. Through the blur of tears and sand, he saw his brother fall to his knees and a guard push him down to the block. The headsman raised his axe and then everything happened in slow motion for Aran. Suddenly he was off the carriage and sprinting towards the headsman, his vision no longer blurred, but as red as the blood soaked sand he was now stepping on. 20 feet away from the headsman. There was nothing that could stop him from getting to the headsman. Not the 3 arrow that somehow managed to miss their mark, nor the force of the electrical spell the mage escort had cast at him. 10 feet away from the headsman. Roth, on his knees and resting his head on the stone block, was stunned in amazement as his seemingly delicate brother moved with such speed and precision, remarkably dodging arrows and spells the whole way there. The headsman’s axe, once raised to take Roth’s head, had now changed it’s target to the little man sprinting at it’s wielder. 5 feet. Aran, screaming a deafening battle cry, went to jump at the headsman… Then he was gone. For a split second it seemed that Aran, Roth’s little brother, had ceased to exist entirely. The confusion was painted on everybody’s face, as though their expressions demanded an explanation that could not be given.



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