Wood elf. Stands 5’8". Wears Brown and green leather armor. Long black hair that he wears in ponytails. Green eyes. Uses a great bow.


Jordack was raised in a community of wood elves but never really felt like he truly belong in such a family. Preferring the road and the company of only himself, he left his wood elf brethren in search of adventure’s and treasures. However, when he realized that he could not adventure alone in fear of not having allies to watch his back, he settled as a horse thief. He led a luxurious life of thievery and relaxation until, that is, when he was caught selling stolen horses. When captured, he tried appeasing to the guards’ humorous side and, when taking it a step too far, ended up awakening bound by the hands and feet on an execution convoy rather than waking in a comfy cot of a jail cell.


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