Warren Wo Dao

Guardian of the Wo Dao clan and practitioner of the Wo Ju style


5’10’’. Human male age 27. Medium length black hair with brown eyes. He has an eyepatch that covers his left eye, which has deteriorated into being useless. He wears a green open -tailed robe with black trimming and a white outline of s 5 -pedaled flower on the back. He wears a belt that holds his katana, currently Dieu Épée, which has 2 glyphs of power inscribed on its left blade face. He wears loose white pants that are tucked into his black boots.


Warren was born into the Wo Dao clan, a prominent group of samurai for the shogun Magnus. He grew up close to a member of the allied Shu Tu clan, Kit, which they quickly became both rivals and good friends. Like most samurai, at the age of 10, he made his blade, which is the signature curved steel makeup of the Eastern Islands. He trained to replace his father as the Guardian of the clan, and after his fathers death, Warren became known as “Rubedo”. For a short time the lands in the eastern isle were at peace, and Warren married member of the Shu Tu clan, Yoki, which bore Warrens daughter, Kaela. Soon after her birth, war broke out between shoguns and the Wo Dao and its allies were called to battle. While heading the council, he was able to see the different clans and their style of swordplay, and after Kit replaced the Shu Tu guardian as “Albedo”, they saw a common flaw in them. All the styles focused on single combat over Multi-person fights. With this in mind, both men sought out to create the perfect style, the Wo Ju.

Warren Wo Dao

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